Ode to Crystallized Ginger


Crystallized ginger, zesty and sweet
Nature’s candy is a beloved treat
Candy counter staples have nothing on this munchy
Sprinkled sugar makes it slightly crunchy
Satisfying texture of soft, chewy bliss
A compassionate goody not to be missed
Unassuming form in shades of gold
Its scent is bright, its flavor bold
In baked goods, smoothies, or salad, it shines
Or enjoy a plain morsel for it’s divine
Share this simple dessert after a meal
Or on a road trip in the automobile
When you go for a hike, put some in your pack
Any time, any place, it’s a perfect snack
This ode is intended to convey my affection
For this earthy root transformed to confection

Ode to Crystallized Ginger
Ode to Crystallized Ginger

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