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I think I was in high school when I first had guacamole. I only ate it because it was globbed onto a big platter of nachos.  I can’t say that I didn’t like it.  I also can’t say that I liked it. It was just there, so I ate it.  Over time, my avocado policy was to avoid it. When dining out, I’d request they hold the green mush. If I was a guest in someone’s home, I’d eat a little or pick around it.

Then I started my vegan journey.  When I started looking at vegan recipes, especially baking recipes, I found a lot of avocado. I think it’s reasonable to say that avocados are something of a go-to food in the world of vegan diets, presumably because they have a fleshy, hearty quality that lends itself to diets without animal meat.  Avocados are crazy healthy too.

So I decided that my aversion to avocados was something I had fabricated, possibly a result of those early run-ins with mediocre restaurant guacamole.  I made some veggie tacos a few months ago, and added some avocado chunks.  My suspicion that I had been mistaken about avocados was confirmed.  I still needed to warm up to the texture, but as a complement to spicy taco mixture, the avocado did the trick. Since the taco turning point, I have included sliced avocado in vegan grilled cheese sandwiches, and have continued to generously add it to tacos which I make relatively often.

Avocados are something of a loose metaphor for my journey towards veganism.  I didn’t think it was for me, but after some consideration, I decided to be brave and try it, and I found something wonderful. My preconceptions and prejudices had been misplaced.  I’m discovering that the seemingly weird and unappealing is actually fulfilling and enjoyable.


I’m an artist and art therapist.  I love high quality paints, canvas, and expensive brushes as much as I love good old-fashioned kids’ art materials – colored tissue paper, pom-poms, Play-Doh, and glitter.  Glitter has always been synonymous with throw-caution-to-the-wind artsy-crafty fun and joy. If you’re going to get the glitter out, to some extent, you have to say, “Fuck it, I’m going to make a mess, and it’s going to be glorious.”

Glitter is the second half of my metaphor-rich blog name.  Within the context of what I imagine for this blog, it symbolizes art, but it also represents life. It’s messy, and the final product might not be what you envisioned. Even when you think you have it contained, it’s in your hair, between your toes, in the furniture, on the floor. But are you going to leave all that potential on the shelf? Are you really going to forsake sparkles and dancing light?

Avocados & Glitter

I’m not entirely sure what this blog is going to become.  I feel liberated to go more places than I could on my diabetes blog though.  The Butter Compartment has been good, and serves its purpose when I need to post about diabetes, but it’s become as confining as it sounds, and more and more, I’m compelled to explore topics that don’t seem to fit on my diabetes blog.

I conceived of Avocados & Glitter as a place to write about my new vegan journey. I anticipate sharing recipes, as well as the deeper philosophical questions, observations and revelations that have come to me since eliminating meat, and almost eliminating other animal products.  I also want to share my creative work and thoughts about creativity. It’s possible I’ll reflect on other issues that interest me – social justice, feminism, politics. I’ll probably post about my dog, vacations, and other mundane shit too.

So I have a lot of vague ideas, but for now, my intention is to see where this takes me. I hope I’m surprised by where I go, and if you can tolerate a bit of a mess, I hope you’ll be intrigued enough to come with me.

Avocados & Glitter
Avocados & Glitter

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